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We commemorate the man who paid the ultimate sacrifice in securing independence for Ireland.

His father once declared that his six-year-old son Michael would become “a great man yet and will do great things for Ireland.” There is no doubt that his son did indeed go on to do great things, although perhaps his father did not anticipate the enormity of what he had predicted.

His son’s life work would be so profound, that nearly a century on from his death, Michael Collins is remembered to this day as one of our nation’s most heroic leaders who guided Ireland to freedom.

He is one of, if not the most important figure of twentieth century Ireland, turning our country’s dream into reality as he brought the Irish Free State into existence and put an end to the devastating war that took the lives of so many. An astonishing legacy that still stands to this day.

And we can be sure in saying that Ireland would be a completely different place to live today without his bravery and courage. Just the mere mention of his name reminds us of his efforts, and the gratitude the people of Ireland have for him nearly a century after his death.

He became a symbol of hope, purpose and determination. He was a true hero whose legacy was solidified in the history books forever when he signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty.

The result of tense negotiations, the signing of the treaty inside 10 Downing Street, London on 6 December 1921 concluded the gruelling, two-year Irish War of Independence, and paved the way for the creation of the Irish Free State. From that moment, Ireland’s future changed forever. Having dedicated his entire political career to achieving Irish independence, Michael Collins had finally done it – Ireland was now a Free State and the people had been given their country back “to live in, to grown in, to love”.

To commemorate this true Irish hero, Michael Collins 'Sworn to be Free' 1/10th oz Pure Gold Coin. Struck in pure 24-carat Gold and to Proof quality - the highest possible standard, this impressive coin has been inspired by the 1917-1921 Service Medal, with Michael Collins taking his rightful place at the centre of the motif. 

Fondly remembered by the Irish people as the brave visionary who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of national freedom, commemoratives bearing the depiction of Michael Collins are extremely sought after. Click here to order yours today.

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