Highlights from The Dublin Mint Office

Please see below for highlights from the Dublin Mint Office, some of our best coins to date!

USA The first gold "Dollar" (Escudo) dated 1742-1788
  • A genuine and original gold coin considered ‘the first gold dollar’
  • Issued during the American War of Independence as a trading currency
  • Enclosed in a protective casing to maintain the coin’s provenance
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John F. Kennedy Tenth Ounce Gold Coin | Dublin Mint Office
  • Coin is struck to the highest Proof quality in 99.9% solid gold
  • Features a stunning portrait of the most loved President
  • Struck with a very low edition limit
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$2.5 Gold Liberty Head 1840-1907
  • The smallest gold denomination after the country’s coinage system was defined in 1792
  • Shows Liberty facing left, wearing a coronet inscribed LIBERTY
  • Holds the record for the longest continuous period of production for any design.
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