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The Dublin Mint Office Complaints Procedure

Complaints can be made to The Dublin Mint Office limited by Telephone, Email or in writing to the below contact methods:


           1800 937 321



PO BOX 12025

Resolving Complaints

Your complaint will be passed to the relevant department to resolve your issue.  The department will endeavor to resolve your complaint swiftly as possible.

Your complaint will also be passed to a line manager.

If the complaint cannot be resolved within 24 hours or you are not happy with the resolution, the complaint will be escalated to our Customer Service Manager. You will receive communication from the manager within 72 Hours.

The Customer Service Manager will record the complaint on your account and attempt to resolve the issue within 48 hours.

If the issue is still unresolved or you are not satisfied, the complaint will be passed to the head of the relevant department in relation to the dispute. You will be advised of the outcome within 2 weeks.

Exceptional circumstances may arise if any additional information is required; the response times will start from the point the information is received. 

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