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A Continuous Payment Authority (“CPA”) is a payment arrangement set up using your debit/credit card.

CPA is different from a Standing Order, as the timing and amount of payments may vary.

CPA also differs from a Direct Debit as CPA is not covered by a guarantee scheme.

By agreeing to the use of CPA you authorise Dublin Mint Office to take payment(s) from your bank account using your credit/debit card details.

The payment(s) taken will be for the amount (“Arranged Amount”) when the coins in your subscription are being prepared and shipped to your delivery address. The Arranged Amount and the frequency of each issue are explained to you when you placed your order at our website (“Arrangement”).

If we are unable to collect the Arranged Amount we will still process your order. An invoice requesting for payment to be made will be sent to your address.  If you are in financial difficulties, we will show forbearance and attempt to agree a suitable alternative Arrangement.

If your circumstances change and you will have insufficient funds in your account on the Payment Date to make the Arranged Payment, or if you are experiencing financial difficulties, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can discuss the options available to you.

If our attempt to collect the Arranged Amount fails for any reason, you will not be charged any fee by us or your bank for this failure.

You can tell us at any time that you want to cancel the CPA by:

  • Calling us on 1800 937 321 at any time up to 5pm on the day before we are due to collect the agreed amount
  • Emailing us at a minimum of 7 days before we are due to collect the agreed amount or
  • Writing to us at Freepost, Perigord House, Damastown Industrial Estate, Dublin 16 a minimum of 7 days before we are due to collect the agreed amount.

You can also cancel your CPA by calling your bank or the card issuer.

Please note that if you cancel the CPA, you will still need to repay the balance outstanding on your account and you will need to arrange an alternative method of repayment with us.