Continue your Monarchs of the Twentieth Century Heritage Set today!
The next coin in the set could be yours for just €34.95 (€3.95 P&P)

This extremely limited series of historic, original coins pays tribute to each king and queen of the twentieth century. By owning a coin for each monarch of a truly defining era of world history, you can see before your eyes the story unfolding in a unique and engaging way.

This set includes:

  • King Edward VII Threepence
  • King George VI Sixpence
  • Queen Elizabeth II Crown

Reasons to welcome these coins into your collection:

  • Three original, circulated coins from each king or queen of the twentieth century.
  • A collection where each coin tells the story of our country.
  • Coins are not just currency, but a piece of history that can invoke memories for the owner and create a link to the past.
  • Owning an original coin puts history in your hands, continuing a legacy for the next generation.