Order your very own 'The Dragon Attacks' Brilliant Uncirculated Quarter Sovereign for just €119! (FREE P&P)

Struck in solid 22-carat Gold and to Brilliant Uncirculated quality, each of these quarter sovereigns will be remembered as being the first to depict the dragon fighting back. Never again will any sovereign be able to claim such an accolade and as numismatic firsts are amongst the most desirable coins in the world, this is a truly unique opportunity for any discerning collector.

For the first time, this sovereign shows St George desperately using his shield to defend himself from the roaring flames of the fearsome beast as it goes on the attack. You may be aware that this exceptional coin is the 4th in a series that explores the legend of St George and the Dragon in greater depth. Indeed, you may already have the first three coins in this remarkable series, and if you have, then the storyline unveils itself wonderfully, but even if you do not, ‘The Dragon Attacks’ is so unique, it can stand alone as the centrepiece of any collection.

'The Dragon Attacks' quarter sovereign is exclusive to the Dublin Mint Office and is accompanied with an official certificate of authenticity

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22-carat Gold
Brilliant Uncirculated
Year of Issue:
Quarter Sovereign