Order your Smithsonian’s Uncovered Design 'London and The Lion' Pure 24-Carat Gold Commemorative Medal today for €4,295!

After more than a hundred years hidden between the leaves of a book deep in the vaults of the Smithsonian Museum, “One of the most beautiful designs of all times” has finally been brought to life in pure 24-carat Gold. The discovery was a revelation and we are very excited to announce that at last, these wonderful images have finally been brought to life by The Smithsonian Institutute.

 These strictly limited commemoratives have all been struck to Proof quality, the highest possible standard which is unrivalled in sharpness, detail and finish, and come complete with an informative story card. 

George T. Morgan created this design while he worked at the British Royal Mint and took it with him as he ventured on his new career in the United States, meaning it was already in existence before the worlds is most known coin design – the Morgan Dollar. When you compare both designs, there are some instantly recognisable elements with the Lady Liberty – which makes the ‘London & the Lion’ motif, possibly the design that influenced what became one of the worlds most instantly recognisable coins – ‘The Morgan Dollar’.


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24-carat Gold