Krugerrand 2017 50th Anniversary Past & Present Double Set

Krug 17 UDE Past & Present Double Set

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  • Struck for the 50th anniversary of the Krugerrand
  • Limited to 300 sets worldwide
  • Proof - the best quality possible
  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Sold Out!
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First released in 1967, the South African Krugerrand is the most traded bullion coin worldwide and by 1980 it accounted for 90% of the global coin market. 2017 saw the 50th anniversary of this world famous issue and this set was issued. It includes the 2017 1oz gold Krugerrand, featuring the unique “50th Anniversary” one year privy mark, and to accompany the 2017 Krugerrand is a 1967 restrike Krugerrand, using the original 1967 dies (never before done) – the 1oz was restruck featuring the special privy mark. Also to differentiate the restrike, it is struck reverse frosted.  

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Edition Limit:
Solid 22ct Gold
Combined 2oz