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It was over 100 years ago that a group of Irish republicans met outside Liberty Hall beneath a banner that boldly declared “We Serve Neither King nor Kaiser, But Ireland”. Together they marched to the General Post Office and listened to Pádraig Pearse read aloud the new Proclamation of the Irish Republic. This revolt, which came to be known as the Easter Rising, caused six days of intense fighting which saw heavy casualties and colossal damage inflicted on the city.

This hand-signed book tells the story about the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, one of the most powerful and iconic documents in modern Irish history. Drafted in secret and printed in haste, it is, in terms of language and content, a document of its time and for its time, and it continues to be regarded as one of the most significant documents in modern Irish history.

Featuring witness statements by combatants, civilians and perhaps most impressively, the three men responsible for its printing, the book provides a detailed and graphically illustrated insight into the saga of its printing and distribution and the reaction of the contemporary public to its message.

Books like ‘Proclamations of the Irish Republic, 1916’ are amongst some of the most collected items worldwide, particularly one that is hand-signed by its famous author. Book collectors will always favour hand-signed books, which makes your copy incredibly special, a true collector’s edition.

Order your very own 'Proclamation of the Irish Republic, 1916: The title deed of Irish republicanism’ book for just €24.95 (Just 3.95 P&P) 

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