You can order an original silver John F. Kennedy Silver Half Dollars struck by the United States Mint for just €59.95 (plus €3.95 P+P).


  • Issued just four months after JFK’s shocking assassination
  • The first and only circulating silver coin to commemorate JFK
  • 90% silver (1964 dated)

On 22 November 1963, just a few months after making a memorable visit to Ireland that he described as the best four days of his life, the first Irish-Catholic President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. A few days later, his grieving widow Jacqueline asked the young Irish Army cadets who had so impressed her husband during a wreath-laying ceremony in Dublin, to perform the drill at his state funeral while the world mourned.

Within days of the assassination, the United States Mint was granted permission to replace Benjamin Franklin on the silver half-dollar with a portrait of America’s slain Commander in Chief.  The Mint’s Chief Engraver Gilroy Roberts had already prepared the design, having sculpted a portrait of Kennedy for a presidential medal series in 1962.  Ironically, Roberts had shown Kennedy his design, with neither man having any idea that it would shortly appear on the nation’s coinage in such tragic circumstances.

The obverse design depicts President Kennedy facing to the left, with the word ‘LIBERTY’ inscribed above his head. The words ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ appear split on either side of his truncated neck and the year of issue appears underneath.  The reverse shows the Presidential Seal of the United States of America, together with the name of the issuing country and the denomination.

The new JFK Silver Half-Dollar was issued on 24 March 1964, just four months after his assassination.  Thousands of people patiently queued up to buy them from banks all over America. So many coins were kept as commemoratives to remember the fallen President that they rarely found their way into circulation.  The Mint had to make millions more than they expected to and continued to strike 1964 dated half-dollars throughout 1965. But even then they couldn’t keep up with the demand!   

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