Irish Free State

Easter Rising
  • Struck for the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising
  • Limited to 19,160 worldwide!
  • Half price!
€ 59 € 29
Men of the Treaty
  • Struck to honour the men who signed the Anglo-Irish Treaty
  • Layered in pure 24 carat Gold
  • Limited to 100 sets 
€ 99
1916 Proclamation Book 1916 Proclamation Book
  • The complete guide to the Irish Proclamation
  • Strictly limited stock - just 1,000 available
  • Handsigned by Irish author Michael Kenny
€ 24.95
Freedom Rose Gold Medal 28mm Privy mark
  • Struck for the centenary of the Easter Rising!
  • Only 2016 medals available worldwide!
  • Solid Gold
  • The very best Proof quality
€ 396
Changing faces of Irish Coinage The Last Ever Pre-decimal Penny
  • Save €30.00 on the Pre-decimal Penny when you order today.
  • Every coin in the set is layered with pure 99.9%- 24 Carat Gold and struck to proof quality.
  • The main motif on each coin layered in Rhodium Platinum, the most precious metal in the world.
  • Included in the set are free collectors gloves, free presentation box and free certificate of authenticity with each coin.
€ 9.95
Seven Signatories 65mm Silver Plated Commmemorative Freedom Medal Commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising and pays tribute to the Seven Signatories
  • The remarkable freedom medal which is layered in pure silver and accented in colour pays tribute to the Seven Signatories and commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the Easter Rising.
  • Large medal (65mm) which allows you to see the depiction of the Seven Signatories.
  • Features a large portrait of Michael Collins who realised the true vision of the signatories.
  • Almost three times the size of a Euro coin.
  • Accented with the colours of the tricolour.
€ 129.95 € 99