One of the most famous and most easily recognised of all Roman emperors was Emperor Hadrian who ruled from 117AD to 138AD. Hadrian has been described as one of the most important emperors of the time as he played a pivotal part in the formation of Rome’s golden age in the 2nd century. Hadrian established and re-established, many of the principles on which Rome’s success depended.

The silver denarius was at the forefront of all of Rome’s achievements throughout its history. This remarkable silver coin was the primary circulation coin of the day. The Roman silver penny would go on to influence modern coinage as the term ‘3d’ for threepence stems from denarius. The coins encapsulate the history and immortalise the rulers and the legacy they left behind – and you now can hold this incredible piece of history in your hands.

Even today, ancient coins remain one of the most important connections to the past and have been for almost 3000 years. Owning an original Roman coin provides a unique insight into the past, as we wonder who may have held this coin, what journey has it been on and what tales could it tell.

At the Dublin Mint Office, we strive to source the best quality of these historically significant coins for our customers to have a direct link to the past and their heritage. The collection that we have to offer continues to grow and delve deeper back through time.

By ordering your original Hadrian Silver Denarius, you have no further commitments and your purchase is protected by The Dublin Mint Office 14-day “no quibble” guarantee.