The Ancient Goddesses of Luck Two-Coin Set is available to you today for just €348, or four interest-free instalments of just €87 (FREE P&P)!

For centuries, millions have carried lucky coins in their pockets as tokens of good fortune and happiness. But did you realize that this tradition actually dates back over 1,900 years? Ancient Romans sought out silver denarius coins adorned with the images of the goddesses Fortuna and of Felicitas to carry with them to ensure good fortune, happiness, and success in life.

The Silver Denarius of Fortuna

Issued by the emperor Trajan from 98-117AD, the Fortuna silver denarius contains nearly 4 grams of silver and has a diameter of 18 – 22mm. Fortuna was the first-born daughter of Jupiter. It is said she spun the "Wheel of Fortune" and wherever it landed determined your fate (good or bad).

The Goddess Fortuna is often seen carrying a cornucopia, also called Horn of Plenty. In mythology, unlimited riches pour out of the cornucopia. But BEWARE! Fortune can also be fickle. Fortuna is sometimes depicted standing on a ball – a symbol of the uncertainty of life and how quickly circumstances can change.          

The Silver Denarius of Felicitas

Felicitas ("fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky") is represented on coins of the imperial series, such as these from the emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161AD). She is often shown standing or sitting while she holds the caduceus in one hand, and the cornucopia in the other. The former as the sign of peace, the later symbolises the most precious gifts of providence and the joy of plenty.

Today you can secure 1900-year-old genuine silver Roman coins, hand-selected by our experts for their museum quality and symbolic images of the twin goddesses of luck and fortune.

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