Operation Chastise 75th Anniversary £1 Coin

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Finally released from the National Archives, the 'Top Secret' briefing documents used by the Dambusters

To mark the 75th anniversary of one of the most daring air operations of the Second World War, Operation Chastise (otherwise known as the Dambusters Raid), The Dublin Mint Office is proud to offer a remarkable collection of historical documents that briefed the air crews ahead of their dangerous mission.

Expertly reproduced from originals held in the National Archives, these important documents tell the story of Operation Chastise from beginning to end, and its significance to the Second World War.

Maps, plans and the 617 Squadron record book from Operation Chastise 

FREE £1 Coin only available with the Operation Chastise Mission Pack

Copies of photographs from the Operation Chastise Mission

Price: € 49.95