2019 Australian Gold Nugget 1oz

2019 1oz Australian Nugget

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At this moment in time, Australia has reached out to the world for help and it is incumbent upon all of us to respond, both as individuals and organisations.

Consequently, here at The Dublin Mint Office we have asked ourselves what we can do to help and have decided to donate 10% of all profits from any of our Australian products to the Australian Red Cross with immediate effect.

  • Type: Single
  • Availability: Medium
Price: € 3,995

Order your 150th Anniversary 1oz Australian Gold Nugget coin today for just €3995.

150 years ago, two friends from Cornwall were working in a mine in Australia and discovered an extraordinarily large Gold nugget. The nugget, named the ‘Welcome Stranger’ was the largest Gold nugget ever to be discovered, weighing an impressive 72 kg!

In the anniversary year of this incredible discovery, a strictly limited edition, one year only issue of Australia's world-famous flagship coin, has been released featuring the rare Gold nugget design for only the fourth time in history.

To find out more please call us on 1800 937 321

Price: € 3,995
Pure 99.99% Gold
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