Forty years ago we witnessed one of the great moments in aviation history as Concorde entered into commercial service. On 21st January 1976 British Airways GBOAA and Air France Concorde F-BVFA took off simultaneously from Heathrow and Paris. 

From the moment she first flew Concorde was an immediate icon, with a take-off speed of 250mph and a top speed of almost 1,554mph - faster than twice the speed of sound, Concorde turned the dream of supersonic flight for passengers into a reality.

A stunning tribute to ‘The Queen of the Skies’ layered in pure 24 carat gold
Now you can celebrate that historic occasion with the handsome Concorde 40th Anniversary Commemorative. 

The reverse features a modern interpretation of the British Airways crest set within a classic watch style border. Set back from the crest is the Union Jack gloriously accented in red white and blue. The inscription reads “CONCORDE- QUEEN OF THE SKIES”. The obverse features a bird’s eye view of the airliner itself in the iconic Concorde white with a Mach gauge and sonic boom lines, surrounded by the legend ‘Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic’.

Your very own piece of Concorde jet blade
Concorde remains the only supersonic aeroplane to have been in service as a passenger plane. In their 27 years of service BA’s glorious Concorde fleet carried over 2.5 million passengers in just under 50,000 flights. Today you can own a piece from one the jet blades of one of the 14 Concordes that flew the world from 1976 through to retirement in 2003.

A lasting tribute to a magnificent era in aviation history.
Strictly limited just 5,000 commemoratives have been issued worldwide. Layered in pure 24 carat gold each commemorative is beautifully presented in an archival case with the piece of jet blade and a signed Certificate of Provenance confirming the origin of the metal and its limited edition status.

Copper layered with gold and accented in colour
A bird’s eye view of Concorde with Mach gauge and sonic boom lines
British Airways Concorde crest with legend ‘Aim Higher, Fly Supersonic’
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