Order your 'Building The New Ireland' Set for just €29.95!

The medal you have already received marks a decisive turning point in Ireland’s turbulent history - the point at which Ireland began the movement of becoming a self-governing nation after 800 years of turmoil. This medal pays tribute to the legendary figure who paved the way in making Irish independence possible.

Complete collections are always more valuable to collectors

The medal you now own is just the first in a prestigious collection that, through a series of intricately designed medals, depicts the buildings of Dublin that played an integral role in the Irish struggle for independence – the first time these buildings have ever been commemorated on a medal. I’m pleased to inform you that your successful order has guaranteed you access to the remaining five medals in the limited edition Building the New Ireland Medal Collection. And I am pleased to offer you a €50.00 saving when you order the first of these medals today.

A lasting record of history that is sure to be treasured

Whether you have an interest in the history of Ireland’s independence or are a keen collector looking to share the fascination of medal collecting with friends, family or even future generations, Building the New Ireland Medal collection will serve as an excellent addition to your treasured collection.

An exceptional series of medals portraying iconic buildings of the revolution

2017 marks one of the most important events in Irish history – the 80th anniversary of the end of the Irish Free State and the creation of the New State of Ireland. Through a series of intricately designed medals, Building the New Ireland Medal Collection pays homage to the buildings that played a significant role in Ireland’s struggle for independence – the first time ever that these coins have been commemorated in this way.

An enduring reminder of Irish history – substantial demand is expected – order now

Each of the remaining medals in Building the New Ireland Medal Collection is struck to the same flawless Brilliantly Uncirculated finish as the medal you already own. What sets the remaining medals in this collection apart, however, is their limited edition status – with only 50,000 collections being released worldwide.

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Start collecting today by ordering your next medal - the ‘Liberty Hall medal’ for just €29.95 (normally €39.95) - saving you €10.00 on the regular price (plus €3.95 postage). You need send no money now. Payment will not be due until you have received your coin and have made the decision to keep it.

Your order of the Liberty Hall medal will secure you the right to purchase each of the remaining medals in the collection at the same introductory price of €29.95 each (+ €3.95 P&P) - saving you a total of €50.00 on the regular price. You are under absolutely no obligation to purchase any of the remaining medals in the collection, we will send you each medal at monthly intervals, for you to view entirely on approval and without obligation. You may return any medal within 14 days and stop collecting at any time.

  • Minted to mark an historic anniversary
  • Struck to Brilliantly Uncirculated quality - each medal has a flawless mirror like finish.
  • Strictly limited edition - only 50,000 customers will be able to own this unique and historic collection.
  • Reverse bears a clock face set at the time 12:04, the exact time Padraig Pearse read aloud the new Proclamation outside the General Post Office.
  • Each medal is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming its limited edition status and includes fascinating insights into the Irish struggle for independence.
  • Exclusive collection - only available through The Dublin Mint Office.

Rest assured that you have no further commitments and your purchase is protected by The Dublin Mint Office 14 day “no quibble” guarantee. You have no further obligations.

Layered in Pure Silver
Brilliant Uncirculated