Everyone can remember where they were when they heard the news. 

On Tuesday September 11th 2001, two hijacked passenger planes were deliberately flown into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York City.  As people trapped inside the burning buildings desperately called the emergency services and loved ones, firefighters and police raced to their aid. 

Millions of people around the world watched in horror as live television broadcasts showed both towers collapsing into enormous clouds of smoke and rubble within 100 minutes of the first impact.    Meanwhile, a third hijacked plane struck and demolished part of the Pentagon building in Washington DC and a fourth plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.  Its passengers had heard what was happening to the other planes, and bravely decided to fight back before the hijackers could reach their intended target, believed to be the US Capitol Building. 

Today, to mark the anniversary of the terrible day that changed the world forever, The Dublin Mint Office has secured a small quantity of Jamaican half pennies retrieved from the World Trade Center vaults in November 2001.  This is your opportunity to own a small piece of history – an authentic coin recovered from the rubble at Ground Zero. 

To accompany your authentic 9/11 Memorial Coin, you will also receive a fully illustrated hardback book; America’s Heroes: Stories from Today’s Armed Forces. This limited edition publication provides a poignant overview of the events of that terrible day and describes how the atrocity has gone on to define American Foreign policy around the world. 

The book provides many personal stories, insightful quotes and powerful images, and gives the reader a rare inside look at the combat and humanitarian missions carried out by the United States Armed Forces in the decade following the attacks that shocked the world.   

With a foreword by U.S Brigadier General Daniel J. Kaufman (retired), the 188 page book also contains a complete memorial listing of those who died in the 9/11 attacks, making it a unique companion to the World Trade Center Memorial Coin, and an enduring tribute to those who lost their lives on that Tuesday morning that will live in infamy forever. 

The 9/11 Memorial Coin and Book Set provides a fitting and enduring tribute to the bravery, defiance and resolve of good people around the world to resist and overcome those who seek to advance their political and religious objectives through acts of terrorism and the death of innocents. 

  • A genuine piece of history, recovered from the rubble of the WTC in 2001
  • Authenticated and encapsulated by PCGS 
  • Limited availability
  • Only £149

A genuine piece of history, recovered from the rubble of the WTC in 2001

9/11 was the worst terrorist atrocity in human history.  The nineteen hijackers claimed the lives of 2,996 victims, including every passenger and crew member on the four planes, 2,606 at the World Trade Centre and 125 at the Pentagon.  The death toll included 343 firefighters, 72 law enforcement officers and 55 military personnel who bravely ran into the burning buildings to rescue survivors, only to become victims themselves when the buildings collapsed.  Over 6,000 people were injured. 

The grief, shock and outrage was felt around the world, with more than ninety countries losing citizens.  Sixty-seven Britons died, a greater loss of life than any other terrorist attack before or since. 

Exactly two months later, on November 11th 2001 excavation teams digging through the rubble at Ground Zero unearthed the World Trade Centre vaults.  After opening them, they were astonished to discover that some of the international currency stored in the vaults had survived the collapse of the towers and the fires that had raged through the site afterwards. 

The salvageable coins were carefully removed and transported by armoured convoy to Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) where they were specially encapsulated and certified as genuine artefacts retrieved from the ruins of the World Trade Centre. 


4.49 g
22.48 mm
1.57 mm
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1/2 Penny