LIMITED EDITION: The 2017 1/10oz Gold Angel

The Gold Angel is famous in all corners of the globe. Celebrated for its incredible success as one of the most prestigious gold coins in the world, the Gold Angel has been issued every year since its reintroduction in 1983.

In 2017, to mark an incredible triple record-breaking year for Her Majesty The Queen, The Dublin Mint Office secured a limited number of Gold Angel coins, featuring a one-year only exclusive Privy Mark.

This Triple Gold Angel coin has been released to celebrate the remarkable achievements accomplished in 2017 by Her Majesty, and is struck in solid 24 Carat gold (.999 Au). With a mintage of only 2,499 coins worldwide, this strictly limited issue features a stunning Royal Crown Privy Mark that will only ever appear on the 2017 Gold Angel.  

  • Pure 24 Carat Gold
  • Struck to the highest proof quality
  • A one year only Royal milestone year crown privy mark to celebrate an incredible triple milestone year for Her Majesty.

The Isle of Man introduced the Gold Angel in 1983 as a replacement for the South African Krugerrand, earning the nickname “The Krugerrand Killer”.

The Triple Gold Angel celebrates The Queen’s magnificent milestone year, which saw her break no less than three records. In February, she became the first British monarch to celebrate her Sapphire Jubilee (65 years as Queen). Then in November, she and Prince Philip became the first British monarch and consort to celebrate their Platinum Wedding Anniversary, an incredible 70 years of marriage. Later that week, Her Majesty became the oldest current Head of State in the world. 

The Triple Gold Angel features a unique one year only Royal crown Privy Mark, applied at the time of minting that identifies this extraordinary Royal milestone issue. This means that this coin will become a ‘one year type’ - that is, a design that will appear once for one year only and then never again. Despite the high demand from collectors for the 2017 edition, this coin is highly affordable, and therefore highly sought after. Less than 2,499 people in the world will get the opportunity to own this extraordinary coin.

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Issuing Country:
Isle of Man
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