The National Heritage Penny

- Original predecimal penny coin, at least 45 years old

Over ten years ago Ireland adopted the euro and an important symbol of our national identity came to an end. Our coinage spanned both the predecimal and decimal eras and featured motifs that were distinctly Irish.  The Dublin Mint Office believes this part of our nation’s history shouldn't be forgotten, so we are proud to offer you the opportunity to own The National Heritage Penny.

Part of our vanished heritage – collector’s edition of the last ever hen penny

Fully layered in pure 24 carat gold and accented in full colour

Yours for just €9.95 – that’s a saving of €20.00 on the regular release price!


One of our most important predecimals - now available in limited quantity

The penny was one of the key coins in the predecimal era. The obverse shows the Celtic harp - a symbol of our nation since the 10th century. The reverse features a hen with chicks, a design which first appeared on our coinage in 1928 and was not adopted for any of the decimal coins, ending a tradition of 40 years.

The collector’s edition available to you now is not a re-strike or reproduction but an original bronze final issue predecimal penny, last issued 45 years ago. What makes it incredibly special is that it is fully layered with pure 24 carat gold, and the main motif is hand-painted in full colour, bringing the design to life and presenting our heritage in a way that it has never been before!

Price: €9.95 (plus €5.95 P&P)


Further benefit

If your application for the National Heritage Penny is successful you will be automatically entitled to a place on the reservation list for further coins in the Changing Face of Irish Coinage National Heritage Edition. This is a series of coins that every Irish household should own, preserving our heritage for future generations. It is comprised of coins that are part of our vanishing heritage of predecimal and decimal coinage. Every coin is fully layered with pure 24 carat gold and the sought-after classic Irish designs are accented in full colour. Each one will be available to you at the privileged release price of just €29.95 (plus €5.95 P&P).

Best of all, you will be able to view each coin on approval and without obligation, conveniently at monthly intervals. You may return any coin for up to 14 days - allowing you to view each one in the comfort of your own home before deciding whether to add it to you collection.

There are a range of wonderful gifts that accompany future coins - all of them delivered to you free of charge as part of your ongoing collection. In this way you will be able to preserve our heritage for future generations. They may never have used these coins in their daily life, but The Changing Face of Irish Coinage National Heritage Edition means that they will be able to see this heritage, and hold it in their very hands.

Each coin is layered with pure 24 carat gold and the main design motif is accented in full colour, making them the ultimate collector’s edition.


Technical specifications

Country: Republic of Ireland

Coin: Predecimal Penny (Pingn)

Date: 1939-1968

Design: Harp, Hen with chicks

Finish: Fully layered in pure 24 carat gold and the reverse motif accented in full colour

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